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FCS Express and FlowJo

FCS Express and FlowJo are both powerful off-line cytometry data analysis software programs.  Both programs can analyze all flow cytometry data files in FCS format, and are compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. 

FCS Express:

The facility has an internet site license (added 2018) for the FCS Express program. Any IU researcher may download the program and run it on their computer via an internet connect - no dongle is necessary. The cost per license is $234/registration and includes unlimited use of FCS Express for one year (from July 1 to June 30 the following year).  The license registration will renew yearly on July 1 with a valid IU lab account number.

If you would like to test FCS Express, first register for a De Novo account at: and then go here:

If you are interested in purchasing a license, submit a request at: - and email the facility with a valid account number.

The site license comes with yearly training which will be announced via the flow facility listserv. Webinars can be found at: webinars.

Please contact Christiane Hassel for more information.

Flow Jo:

We currently have three copies of the program available in dongle (USB) format: two that may be signed-out, and another that is available for use on a workstation in the anteroom of BB029.  A copy of the FlowJo program can be downloaded at Both traveling dongles can be used on Apple and Windows systems. The Windows workstation runs FlowJo vX on the Windows 10 operating system.  

FlowJo tutorials and videos can be found on the links page of the website.

Availability of traveling and workstation FlowJo copies can be checked on the calendar page of the website (calendar is read-only).

Reservations for the FlowJo dongle and workstation must be made at least one full business day in advance  

The maximum sign-out time for the traveling dongle is: 24 hours (or through the weekend if requested on a Friday) 
The maximum appointment time on the FlowJo workstation is: 2 hours - workstation available; mask required to be worn at all times

Please contact Christiane Hassel to sign-out or schedule an appointment for use of FlowJo and for more information. 

A very important note:  If the dongle is damaged or lost, a cost recovery fee will be assessed. The current cost to replace a damaged dongle is $230. The current cost to replace a lost dongle is $2,025.

FlowJo legend:
(Red) Facility schedule (applies to all instrumentation and software)
(Olive) FlowJo traveling dongle
(Teal) FlowJo workstation (JH029 anteroom)