Indiana University Bloomington
Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Facility Instrument Calendars

Facility instrument availability can be viewed on the calendar below. This calendar is read-only, meaning appointment times can be viewed, but not added or changed. To schedule an appointment for use of facility instrumentation, please email Christiane Hassel. An appointment must be made to use facility equipment. Instruments are available on a first come, first served basis.

Appointment requests must be sent at least 2 full weekdays (as of March 23, 2020) in advance of the requested appointment time, on the previous business day (day that the facility is open and the core manager is available). Please note: requests for after-hours appointments (after-hours authorized users only) must be made by 1pm two business days in advance. Any requests made outside of facility hours for a next weekday sorting or analysis may not be fulfilled. This also applies to same day requests for sorting or analysis. Please be sure to make appointments in a timely manner. More notification may be required.  

Cancellation, late, excess time fees: A fee will be charged for anyone who signs up and fails to notify the facility that they no longer intend to use their time. Two full business days' minimum notification (as of March 23, 2020) to cancel an appointment on any instrument is required (longer cancellation notification times will apply when the facility is closed for an extended time). If canceling a Monday sort or analysis time, the facility must be notified before 5pm the preceding Thursday (or two full business days if the facility is closed for an extended time). If a user fails to notify the facility in a timely manner, the full appointment time will be billed (minus start-up time) unless the appointment can be rebooked. No shows will be billed for the entire time scheduled. Users who notify the facility in a timely manner before their appointment have a 15 minute grace period before their time is billed; failure to notify the facility will result in the appointment time being billed from the start of the appointment. If a user is late, their experiment may not be able to be completed. In addition, if an excess amount of time is scheduled, the entirety of the time scheduled will be billed. For example, if a researcher schedules a two hour appointment and only uses one hour, they will be billed for two hours. Unusual or extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Current flow facility hours are as follows:

Current training availability: a hybrid (on-line + in-person) training is available for LSRII, SH800 and MACSQuant instruments

All researchers interested in entering the facility must go through an updated virtual facility training (please contact the core manager) - additional policies may apply    

- Facility hours: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. The facility is closed for university observed holidays.   

- Aria II* and COPAS sorting is available from 10:30am-4:30pm daily (please allow time for lunch) - for Aria II sorting, please note that if a nozzle change is required between sorts, at least 1 hour is required to switch to a new nozzle  

- SH800 in-hours sort training and use is available from 10:30am-4:30pm daily (please allow time for lunch during training days) - when researchers have demonstrated proficiency in SH800 use they may extend their time to 5pm. After hours training is available for the SH800.

- LSRII and MACSQuant analyzer training and use  is available from 10:30am-4:30pm daily (please allow time for lunch during training days); independent users of these instruments may extend their time to 5pm. After hours training is available for this instrumentation

*Additional Aria II sorting information can be found in this PDF - the Aria II questionnaire must be completed EACH TIME when requesting an Aria II sort or analysis (download, fill, save, and email the form with the Aria II request) - appointment requests will not be scheduled without a form

*The SH800 sort form can be found at: SH800 form

- There will be other times when the facility is closed and the facility manager is not available. Please see the calendar for these times.

Please see the facility calendar for any additional changes or closings.

Facility/instrument legend:
(Red) Facility schedule (applies to all instrumentation and software)
  (Olive) Traveling FlowJo dongle
  (Teal) FlowJo workstation
  (Purple) MACSQuant VYB
(Orange) Aria II
(Blue) SH800 (as of 2020)  
(Grey) LSRII
(Green) COPAS
  (Mustard) Moxi Z