Indiana University Bloomington
Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Rates & Policies
  1. Scientists on campus may be trained to use the LSRII, MACSQuant, SH800, and Z2 Coulter Counter. Please contact Christiane Hassel to schedule training and to discuss your needs. She can help you determine which machine is best to do your analysis on. You may also choose to have the specialist run samples for you, therefore bypassing the need for training. Please note, as of March 2021, training for analyzers and self-service sorter is starting to be added back (please check the calendar page for more information)
  2. The FACSAria II (high speed cell sorter) and COPAS Select (Drosophila embryo and large particle sorter) must be run exclusively by our trained specialist. Users will schedule a time for the specialist to run samples. This will be done via email, but available times will be posted on the website.
  3. The facility is classified as a Biosafety Level 2 facility. Therefore, regardless of the type of material you work with, all those using the facility will be required to attend a facility-specific Biosafety training provided by the facility. Please contact Christiane Hassel to schedule a training session (these training sessions are free). This also applies to those only observing instrument use. As of June 1, 2020 - All researchers interested in entering the facility after the restart must go through an updated virtual facility training (please contact the core manager)  
  4. A fee will be charged for anyone who signs up and fails to notify the facility that they no longer intend to use their time. Two full business days' notification (as of March 23, 2020) to cancel an appointment on any instrument is required (longer cancellation notification times will apply when the facility is closed for an extended time). If a user fails to notify the facility in a timely manner, the full appointment time will be billed (minus set-up time) unless the appointment can be rebooked. Users who notify the facility before their appointment have a 15 minute grace period before their time is billed; failure to notify the facility will result in the appointment time being billed from the start of the appointment. If a user is late, their experiment may not be able to be completed in order to accommodate the next user. In addition, if an excess amount of time is scheduled, the entirety of the time scheduled will be billed. For example, if a researcher schedules a two hour appointment and only uses one hour, they will be billed for two hours. No shows will be billed for the entire time scheduled. Unusual or extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  5. After hours access will be granted to those who have shown competence in using analysis instrumentation. A fee will be charged for anyone who utilizes the facility after hours and fails to shutdown instrumentation, and after hours privileges will be reviewed. The fee assessed will be correspondent to the time that the instrument was left on.
  6. An appointment must be made to use facility equipment. Instruments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  7. There is no expectation of authorship for any of the facility staff. Core facility users should acknowledge the IUB FCCF in any publications that utilized facility instrumentation for data collection.

Additional policies [pdf]


While the FCCF has many well established protocols for flow cytometry in place, we understand that members of the IU flow community may be experimenting with methods untried in the facility. The facility technician is available for consultation and we highly recommend consulting with the facility before attempting any new method in order to ensure that your method is compatible with our current instrumentation.

Annual rates 2022 (Rates reviewed annually; new rates may go into effect at any time)

$41.50 (set-up)
$83 per hour (instrument is tech-assisted run only)

SH800 (introductory prices!)
$25 (set-up)
$50 per hour (user run)
+ $30 per hour (training and tech-assisted runs)
+ $30 replacement chip (if researcher's sample causes a chip clog)

$43 per hour (user-run)
+ $20 per hour (training and tech-assisted runs)

COPAS Select
$31.50 (set-up)
$63 per hour (instrument is tech-assisted run only)

Z2 Coulter counter
$40 per hour (user-run)
$50 per hour (tech-assisted)

$45 per hour (0-4hrs)
$40 per hour (4.25-8hrs)
$35 per hour (8.25+hrs)
+ $15 per hour (training or tech-assisted)
(see Instrumentation page for more information)

External academic rate: 1.8x internal IU rate
Commercial rate: 2.5x internal IU rate